About Department


    Science-Litrature Faculty occupies in the historical Davutpasa Campus. It has 3500m2 place and in this wide area, it brings modern education and research options to students.


    Our department has 10 academic lecturers, 8 research asistants (some of them are in doctorate level) and 1 administrative personel.


    Yıldız Technical University are placed in 3 different campuses: Besiktas, Davutpasa and Ayazaga. Students in the department of Turkish Language and Literature can benefit from all facilities in the different campuses.    


    In various campuses of the university, there is one dormitory (its capacity is 550), 7 refectories, canteens and cafetaries, one infirmary, 2 gymnasiums, 2 sports arenas, one fitness center.


    There is a student festival in every May,  this festival goes on one week and the students can attend various activities such as concerts, expositions, chess tournaments. Addition to cultural activities, there are also very scientific programs such as panel, conference etc.. Students may benefit from courses of  painting, photography, theater, cinema, classical Turkish music, polyphonic chor, folk music, modern and folk dances, guitar, reed flute, oud, etc…


    There is a wide transportation possibilities from Istanbul’s main centers to university. There is also services among campuses.


    The students has the possibility of  scholarship and consultancy. In every year, it is given 10 students who have the most hightest grade and the students who gain their department as first. According to number 2547 legislation of university education, some students have chance to work as assistant student in different units of university.


    Students are suppotted in many positions such as choose of courses, finding scientific sources, literature review, physical and psyhological sickness, connection to abroad  by academic lecturers and professional directors.